Meeting Minutes for September 8, 2015


Meeting Notes

September 8, 2015


Phil Bigler of Douglas Electric Cooperative gave an update on the website. Matt Danskine has set up the frame. Phil said it looks like it should meet all our requirements. He was unable to show itto the group because the equipment at Adapt wasn’t set up. Phil asked organizations to send him logos and contact information, Newcastle Solar and Douglas Electric Co-op have already submitted their information. Todd asked Phil for guidelines on submissions to Danskine. Phil said he would get them and offered to make the first postings himself. Just let him know where they should go. Melanie will be the ongoing liaison between the group and Danskine.

Karen Chase suggested finding a college intern to maintain the site.

What should go on the website? Ideas included:

-Mission statement and logo

-Guest columns from group members

-Calendar of energy events


-Links to Oregon Department of Energy

-Other articles (vetted first by group)

Phil will show the website at the next meeting.

Mission Statement

Suggestions included the phrase “Douglas County Smart Energy: Your Energy Clearinghouse” and incorporating the original statement of the Energy Adaptation Group, using short bulleted phrases.

News-Review Column

Stuart asked, you have suggestions on the column he will submit to the News-Review for publication in October? There were only minor tweaks.Making Energy Work for Rural OregonMelanie gave an update on the workshop to get community stakeholders together (businesses, utilities, non-profits, governments) to develop renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to boost the local economy and create jobs by drawing together a variety of existing resources. Karen said she is familiar with similar efforts in other areas of Oregon: 2 are Wallowa and Lake Counties. Many are forming groups like ours. She encouraged Douglas County Smart Energy to become the organizing group for the local workshop. We have already established an identity in the community. As Todd Munsey put it: “If not this group, then who?” Karen suggested Jim Walls who has taken a leadership role in this project as the kickoff speaker for our workshop. Melanie said she will invite Lee Rahrof Sustainable Northwest, workshop co-sponsor, to our next meeting.


Todd gave a preview of Douglas Electric Co-op’s November column on reducing waste. He won’t be at October’s meeting but promised to have Adapt Open and snacks available.