Meeting Minutes for November 16, 2015


Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2015



Phil hasn’t received any more postings. Arthur will send pictures from the fall Solar Tour. Todd reported the three utilities (Douglas Electric Co-op, Pacific Power, and Avista)will split the cost of Matt Danskine’s web develop­ment fee.  David Longhorn has also offered to contribute .


Melanie confirmed that a Facebook page has been set up and she is the lead administrator.  It will provide a link to articles on the website. Stuart said the group should set protocol and guidelines for Submissions as we’ve done for the website.

Mission Statement            .

The final version of the statement was approved:

Douglas County Smart Energy Mission Statement

Educate our community about the value of co-nservation, energy efficiency , renewable energy and available incentives, in order to encourage projects and attract resources which contribute to job creation and economic development in Douglas County.

Does anyone have ideas about a logo?  Bring them to the next meeting.

Spring Workshop – Making Energy Work for Douglas County

Melanie gave an overview of the workshop agenda.

-Wholistic energy approach

-Keynote: Jim Walls – Klamath County

-Other presentations, followed by facilitated discussions


-After lunch ?

Brainstorm. of concepts to include:

Involve a RARE Americorps (Karen)

-Cost (28,000)needs to be shared with other organizations.

-Apply by April to start in October.

-Pendleton ‘s RARE project: promote energy . efficiency for new homes

-Track savings of group members or other groups as they make energy upgrades over time . Tracking outomes hows impact, helps pull in more resources. Do county-wide. (Arthur) ·

Next Steps – For next meeting

-Set a date – March is preferred     but not Spring Break

-Location – .Library, ford Family Center, Public Satefy Building, UCC, UCAN


-Identify audience

-Other organizations who should be there

Ford Family Foundation, Low-income services, Earth Advantage

-Food    Suggestions?


For Next Meeting:

-Melanie will email agenda framework for input

-Assign contacts and timelines


Questions to Karen about balance between sealing and ventilation in .buildings. (Build Tight, Ventilate Right) .