Meeting Minutes for July 24, 2017




Energize Rogue Ductless Heat Pump Campaign

Hannah Sohl of Rogue Climate gave a presentation on Energize Rogue’s Ductless Heat Pump Campaign, a partnership with SPARK North­ west.    The campaign, funded by a grant from U.S. Department of Agriculture, was a success in Jackson County, leading Rogue Climate to apply for a second follow-up grant to expand it to Josephine and Douglas Counties.

Hannah gave an overview of how the program works.    A group purchase agreement allowed Jackson County residents to install ductless heat pumps, taking advantage of discounts and incentives that reduced the cost by 50% or more in several cases.   One incentive, the RETC (Residential Energy Tax Credit), will expire at the end of 2017, so if we join the program we will need to implement it quickly to meet two deadlines: December 31 – purchase the heat pump, and April 1 – complete installation.

Hannah outlined the steps we would take, with guidance from Rogue Climate:

  • Set up a committee to write an RFP and select a local con­tractor/installer. We need them on board quickly .   SPARK Northwest will provide training for the contractors.
  • Form an Outreach Team of Community
  • Hold three community meetings organized by the Outreach Team to recruit program participants who will have the option of purchasing a ductless heat pump at a

Hannah introduced a group discussion, stressing the importance of having a strong Community Team to move the project along on a short timeline to meet deadlines for incentives.

Questions included:

  • Who did you serve?

The majority were baby boomers, also mobile homes,    Try to get landlords to participate.

  • How were residences evaluated for ductless heat pump suitability?

In Ashland an assessment was required.

Hannah said approval of the grant is expected in a week, and we will be contacted about our decision to participate.