Meeting Minutes for January 23, 2017



Community Energy Efficiency Campaign

Nicole Mandall reported on preparations for the launch of the ENERGIZE! DOUGLAS COUNTY energy efficiency campaign with a town hall in Roseburg on January 30. She has created a Home Sign-up Form for households who want to commit to a year of participation, starting with a baseline energy profile; and be recognized as an energy efficiency champion. They will receive an energy saving kit, an energy audit, and energy efficiency counseling. Jim and Arthur suggested smart energy meters for those who want to make behavioral changes. Arthur suggested wegowise as a resource on household energy data. Nicole will post the form on the website. Karen suggested Nicole contact Oregon Department of Energy to see if there is funding for the meters.

The Roseburg Town Hall will be held at Douglas County Library from 6-8 p.m. Several volunteers will come at 5:30 to set up the room and refreshment table. Nicole and volunteers will put up flyers around town. Nicole will have an information packet for attendees. The News-Review will have an article featuring a UCAN client who has received money-saving upgrades to their residence. Joyce suggested involving attendees with small prizes for participating during the presentation.

Nicole reported on other activities:

  • Response to meetings around the county with local leaders has been positive.
  • Lookingglass Brewery will host a benefit on January 24 and donate half of their profits.
  • The STEAM Hub wants to hold a Science/Energy Fair for Roseburg students to be held at Umpqua Community College.

Sustainable Northwest will present a workshop on Solar for Southern Oregon Communities on February 1, 3:30-6:30 p.m. at Douglas County Library. The public is invited.

Douglas County Global Warming Coalition is holding a community meeting, Climate Change and Douglas County: Creating a Healthy FutureĀ on February 2, 3:30-7:30 p.m. at the Roseburg Public Safety Building. Participants will discuss positive strategies to adapt to changes over the next two decades. One of the small group discussions will focus on energy.

Renewable Energy Group Reports
  • Solar -D.C. Smart Energy is joining with four other rural communities with RARE volunteers to apply for a federal Sunshot Grant, under the umbrella of Sustainable Northwest. The funds would go to solar projects for low and moderate income projects.
  • Charging Stations David Reeck gave a presentation on a grant he has written to Volkswagen to fund EV charging stations in Downtown Roseburg. Dennis Lutwen, Cap Caplan, Al Walker, Diana Knous, and Stuart Liebowitz collaborated. Lance Colley, Roseburg City Manager wrote a letter of support. If this application is not funded there will be additional opportunities later. The group will work on additional projects with Pacific Power later in 2017.
Financial Update

The check from the Whipple Foundation should arrive in a few weeks. UCAN has received the document to sign for the Bonneville Foundation grant ($10,000).

2017 Schedule of Smart Energy Guest Columns
  • February: Karen Chase
  • March: Melanie MacKinnon
  • April : Al Walker
  • May: Frank Schuchard
  • June: David Reeck
  • August : Nicole Mandall
Douglas County Earth Day and Energy Fair

The group supported having a DC Smart Energy Booth at the Douglas County Earth Day and Energy Fair to get community exposure. Nicole will arrange for a booth, probably adjacent to UCAN’ s booth. John and Arthur volunteered to take shifts staffing the booth.