Meeting Minutes for August 28, 2017



Smart Energy Community Campaign

There is no RARE volunteer for the program so far.    Do we continue to wait, or should we go to a backup plan and hire Melanie MacKinnon who has been working on this since Nicole Mandall completed her RARE assignment? Stuart discussed the pro’s and con’s of both.

Pro’s: good for the community to have a RARE, having someone with a lot of time to devote to the Campaign, a spokes­ person for energy efficiency.

Con’s: If, and it’s a big if, we finally get a volunteer there will be a delay in getting a person on board and trained, we have immediate needs and Melanie has the skills to move forward now. Melanie said it’s a good fit for her if it is for the group.

Group members were unanimous in their praise for Melanie’s expertise and passion for clean energy Many of them have worked with her for several years. Stuart suggested if we don’t hear anything from the RARE program by September 15, we recommend Melanie’s hire and contact donors to ask for their commitment to expend the existing funding. Karen said Energy Trust will need a proposal with job description. The group gave their support for this and Stuart asked for someone in the group to send a formal letter to Randy Magnuson at UCAN, our fiscal agent, setting forth the group’s reasons for their request. Stuart will draft the letter; Gary Leif will have his assistant type and mail it.

Melanie and Jim Stelson will move ahead on the Energy Champions we have signed up. Jim has done some follow-up work and forwarded information to Melanie.

Formation of Committees for Ductless Heat Pump Campaign

Following up on D.C. Smart Energy’s decision to work with Rogue Climate to bring the ductless heat pump project to Douglas County, a meeting will take place on September 6 or 7 with Paige Prewitt

of Energize Rogue and Jill Eikenhorst of Spark Northwest. Stuart asked for volunteers to serve on the committees:

Contractor Selection Committee: Arthur, Jim, John, Al Walker

Outreach Committee: Melanie, Stuart, Polly

Some group members will participate in both committees.

Melanie will send out invitations to her contact lists for more volunteers.

Smart Energy Green and Solar Tour – October 7, 9am-3pm

Melanie reported that Oregon Tool and Supply (lighting) and the Carloni home (net zero) will be on the Tour. Other ideas from the group included, Crane Creek Ranch, a follow-up on Sharon Lee Schwartz’s law office from last year, an Energy Champion home, and a home with a ductless heat pump. Karen said she couldn’t be on the Tour, but an ETO rep will bring literature.

Sustainable Northwest Fall Symposium

Melanie said information on the symposium has been mailed. Two areas of focus will be Community Solar and Resiliency. She will go.

Community Solar

  • Sunshot Projects: Participation will continue even though the project will not be completed by Sunshot deadline.
  • Douglas County Pitchford Facility: Working with Energy Trust of Oregon and Pacific Power Blue Sky
  • First United Methodist Church: Meeting with Sustainable Northwest to be scheduled for later this year. Looking at co-op model.
  • Other: Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center, Umpqua Watersheds Build­ ing renovation (solar and energy efficiency). Meeting with ETO, and Umpqua Health. The Community Solar Subcommittee will invite Dan Orzech to its next meeting on September 18.
  • Melanie has been contacted with an invitation for DC Smart Energy to participate with Energy Trust and SPARK Northwest in a grant from U.S. Department of Energy to increase access to solar energy for lower-income Oregonians.    There are two options: we can comment or become a participant in monthly meetings and be reimbursed. Melanie said she is interested in attending if the group wants this. The group approved her request. She will submit necessary information by September 5.

Oregon Energy Coordinators Association Fall Meeting

Randy Magnuson has asked for someone from DC Smart Energy to make a presentation at the meeting of CAP Energy Coordinators. Melanie, Stuart and Polly volunteered.

Electric Vehicles/Charging Station Report Al gave David Reeck’s report

  • We’re still in the running for the VW grant. Oakland, Myrtle Creek,   and Oakland are interested in having charging stations.
  • City of Roseburg is still planning 5 Level 2 chargers.
  • A vacant storefront in downtown Roseburg could be a showcase, with a charging station in front.
  • For next year’s Graffiti Days, we might consider a quiet cruise for electric vehicles or drag races at the Fairgrounds.

News-Review Smart Energy Columns

September – Al’s column on the Smart Energy Green and Solar Tour will run closer to the date of the Tour.

October – Ductless Heat Pump article – Mahalo was suggested as a business.  Energize Rogue may have a template. Jim Stelson could co-sign.

November – Cold Weather Preparedness, Douglas Electric.

Energy Trust Special Project Grant

Arthur said NeighborWorks Umpqua received notice of the $5$00 – grant. It’s not right for NWU but might be a good fit for DC Smart Energy. It would be new construction, energy efficient, net zero desirable. Could be commercial or multi-family.    John and Melanie expressed interest. Arthur will give more details.