Meeting Minutes for October 10, 2016




News-Review Smart Energy Columns

November: Melanie and Nicole will give a wrap-up of October’s Renewable Energy Symposium.

December: Todd Munsey on Holiday Energy Savings Tips.

January: Randy and Nicole will introduce the launch of the Douglas County Smart Energy Community Campaign and RARE volunteer, Nicole Mandall.

Community Smart Energy Campaign

Nicole discussed her activities during her first month:

-Designing a work plan

-Gathering materials for the campaign

-Generating ideas for fundraising activities

-Working for Sustainable Northwest on the Energy Symposium

-Meeting with local government officials and non-profit organizations

The group gave Nicole several ideas for outreach:

Stuart urged the steering committee to develop a list of additional community contacts.

Joyce suggested contacting school districts around the county.

Randy- track homes and their energy usage over a year.

Frank asked if the Welcome Wagon program for newcomers was still going. He suggested taking out a ‘good energy’ basket to new residents.

Melanie – hold classes for homeowners on smart energy.

John – Invite people involved in Ashland’ s Solar Tour to give presentations here .

Todd – become aware of local home audit resources. Douglas Electric Co-op has someone available November-February to audit. UCAN can also serve DEC households that are low-income.

Jim said he would volunteer for the more complex property audits.

Todd said Nicole can help people understand their electric bills as a first step, visit with them and offer them help. DEC can give referrals to her.

Karen – Nicole can develop an information tree to guide her in working with utility customers. Energy Trust is a resource for large commercial buildings.

To keep campaign energized,   balance data gathering with activities in the community.

Financial Report

Joyce said the Whipple Foundation will meet on Wednesday to review requests.

Melanie: $2100 has been raised from the anonymous match appeal. More may come in.

Nicole is looking at other fundraising ideas: a wine or beer themed event,  trivia event.   The group decided to keep fundraising activities on the agenda for future consideration.

Karen said fundraisers need an objective.   She advised us to make sure we’re financially secure before taking on a fundraiser.

Sustainable Northwest Rural Energy Symposium

Melanie gave an update on numbers. Up to 50 participants are expected. October 13th’s half day will include RARE Program training and REAP Grant training. Friday will offer a full day of sessions on energy efficiency and clean energy projects around the state. Melanie and Stuart will present during the initial panel.

Karen said she will be a presenter at a conference on low-income communities and energy in Baltimore. She wants to focus her presentation on DC Smart Energy. No one else is doing what we’re doing. She will discuss how we are able to accomplish our goals through enhancing capacity with caring community members coming together.

Doulas County Smart Energy Green and Solar Tour

The tour, organized by Douglas County Global Warming Coalition, drew over 40 participants. Melanie reported very positive responses, especially to Jim Stelson’ s presentation about his net zero energy home. He gave information that people could take away and use right away, such as LED’s.

Renewable Energy Working Groups

Al Walker passed around sign-up sheets for group members who have asked for sub-groups to investigate clean energy technology solutions.

Electric Vehicles/Charging Stations: Al, Jim Stelson, David Reeck,

Randy Magnuson, Melanie MacKinnon

Battery Backup: Al, Melanie

Community Solar: Al, Melanie, someone interested in financing?


Website and Facebook

The group decided Nicole should make postings, using the same guide­ lines as for other media (see guidelines for News-Review articles).

Some fact-checking may be necessary.    Todd said that Douglas Electric Co-op as host of the website have their own guidelines to follow .

Participatory Agreement

Stuart passed out the short agreement form. Several group members signed and returned the agreements.

Meeting Date Change

Melanie suggested we might change our meeting date so Diana Knous of Pacific Power could attend.   The group agreed to try the 4th Monday, pending availability of meeting place and group members !schedules.