Meeting Minutes for May 9, 2016



Introductions and welcome of new participants:


Phil said he wasn’t able to access Randy Magnuson’ s April column from the News-Review.  He’ll follow up.


Melanie said the page had been removed for lack of activity. She got it back up. She suggested we do more sharing.

Monthly “Smart Energy” Column

After meeting with Craig Reed about delays in publication of columns in the News-Review, Melanie’ s column for May was quickly published and Jim Stelson’s June column appeared the following Sunday. Marisa offered to write July’s column on the YMCA’ s installation of LED’s for the racquetball courts and other energy efficiencies. Joyce said she would write a column for August. Karen asked for the December article on November’s statewide convening of communities participating in Renewable Northwest’s ‘Making Energy Work for Rural Oregon’ workshops. Al Walker signed up for September.

Project Sharing

Jim Baird said RUSA 1s installing LED’s in their office; they will also be used in outside lighting. Frank Schuchard said the numbers he got from Kunert Electric are indicating a payback period of 2.5-3.3 years.   He ‘d like to find a local lender for these kinds of projects.     Melanie said USDA is working with lenders in rural areas.

RARE AmeriCorps Application Update

The next step in the process is a site visit to the County Museum from a RARE representative. The Ford Family Foundation is a good prospect for a $10,000 contribution toward the $22,000 needed to pay for a volunteer. Energy Trust has already said they could give $4,000. Another possibility is to write a letter of intent to the Meyer Memorial Trust. Their emphasis is marginal populations and disparities. Joyce said they want big projects. She recommended contacting local foundations: Crane Creek and Whipple.

Mission Statement/Slogan

A subcommittee formed to work out details for the campaign mission statement and slogan: Stuart, Polly, Joyce, Melanie, Al, Jim Stelson, and Nathan Baily. Joyce said we need to send a clear message. Karen urged inclusion of all sectors. Melanie suggested we also start talking about a logo. Jim Baird said Anvil, a Cow Creek business has done work for RUSA, and we might ask the tribe for money to do this.

Energy Efficiency

Melanie reviewed recommendations from the Rural Energy Workshop:

  • Baseline data on community energy usage. Jim Stelson said utilities can supply this. Joyce said this would be something the RARE volunteer could do.
  • Manufactured housing efficiency upgrades YouTube videos of local success stories
  • K-12 school curriculum
  • Community energy efficiency campaign

Renewable Energy

A key goal is raising community awareness that solar is here now. Karen recommended we start by publicizing local projects, ongoing and planned including YMCA, DC Museum. Melanie reported the Ratzlaffs have solarized two-third of their ranch. Hopefully they can be a model for others in the agricultural sector. Karen said   we should also feature energy efficiency projects such as commercial lighting upgrades and the Roseburg Downtown lighting.

Documenting Progress

Melanie said documentation is essential when approaching donors for more money. Again, utilities can supply data. UCAN and NeighborWorks Umpqua also have data from solar installations on their apartment complexes. John and Joyce said the RARE volunteer can do tracking. Jim Baird said documenting progress from an educational effort is a challenge. He said the local Home Show affords an opportunity to reach a large audience and educate people on what they can do and where they can go for help. An informative brochure is a plus.

Building the Campaign

  • Identify more demonstration projects
  • Group members use their networks to bring in more community volunteers
  • Incorporate outreach into the Earth Day and Energy Fair and the Green and Solar Building Tour
  • Advertise the Campign on the DC Smart Energy website, ith an opportunity to sign on to participate
  • Develop a flyer and logo

Melanie said that as our numbers continue, to grow she needs some help getting their information on a spreadsheet to keep them involved.

Melanie’ s email is