Meeting Minutes for June 13, 2016






Todd reported that Phil Bigler still hasn’t been able to access Randy Magnuson’s “Smart Energy” article from the News-Review. Randy will follow up. Todd asked Polly or Melanie to send meeting notes from February and March 2016 to Phil to post on the website.


Melanie can now post content on the re-activated Facebook.

News-Review “Smart Energy” Column

Marisa Fink has submitted her column on LED lighting to the News­ Review for July publication.   Jim Stelson’s article was published on May 15. Copies of updated article submission guidelines and monthly Schedule of Articles were distributed.

RARE Application Update

Notification of applicants for a RARE volunteer has been delayed until volunteer numbers are known. Fundraising efforts are underway to raise the $30,000 to bring the volunteer to Douglas County and cover administrative costs. Energy Trust has committed $4,400, and Douglas County Global Warming Coalition has contributed $500. Others being approached are Meyer Memorial Trust ($15,000), Ford Family Foundation, Whipple Foundation and Crane Creek Foundation.

Contributions need not be secured by July 1, but we must provide a credible funding plan.  Karen Chase advised that we put together a detailed project description with work plan for the volunteer.

Stuart said we need to prioritize our many goals for the Smart Energy Campaign.

Subcommittee Report

A subcommittee has been working on goal setting and grants. Members are Stuart Liebowitz, Melanie MacKinnoni, John Lapham, Joyce Akse, Gardner Chappell, Polly Stirling, Jim Stelson, and Al Walker.

Stuart outlined the notes from their meeting:

Small changes to the DC Smart Energy Mission Statement to make it more effective in fundraising.  Melanie said the next step is to come up with a brief elevator speech to expand on the Mission Statement.

Goals for both the energy efficiency and renewable energy components of the Community Smart Energy Campaign.

Community Campaign Structure. Douglas County Smart Energy will provide direction and evaluation for the RARE volunteer, as well as for the campaign as a whole. A small group from the subcommittee will have supervisory responsibility for the volunteer. The Smart Energy group as a whole will have ongoing communication with the subcommittee on the Campaign.

Comments/ Suggestions from the group:

David Reeck – Focus on deliverables and timelines for the RARE volunteer.

Arthur Chaput – Set benchmarks but be realistic about what can be accomplished.

Melanie – We have access to data from all utilities serving the county. Avista will join Energy Trust in 2017.

Todd – Douglas Electric and Pacific Power have lengthy consumer energy use histories. Melanie asked him to share figures at the next meeting.

Stuart – UCAN and Neighborworks have numbers from their projects.

Melanie – We need to get a handle on supply and demand. Not a good strategy to push audits if the supply isn’t there, raise expectations that can’t be met.

Todd – DEC can offer onsite energy audits.

County Commissioner-elect Gary Leif – Having the county offer incentives for green building through its permitting process is a goal for him.

The subcommittee identified several potential public demonstration projects for the campaign:

-Roseburg Downtown lighting upgrades

LED’s on third floor of parking structure

LED’s for Town Center entry arches

-Fairgrounds solar


David Reeck inquired about standards for electric charging stations.  Why can’t they standardized, to serve all manufacturer’s electric vehicles?

Making Energy Work for Rural Oregon Symposium

It’s official – Melanie announced Douglas County will host the October gathering of the rural communities from around the state that were part of Sustainable Northwest’ s workshop series.

Dates: Thursday, October 13 (afternoon/evening) Friday , October 14 (all day)

On Thursday, following lunch, training sessions are scheduled:

-Training for RARE volunteers and their supervisors

-REAP Grant Training – How to write a successful grant

Evening Social – at a local brew pub? Backside Brewery?

On Friday:

Full day for 50-60 attendees at Ford Family Foundation or Douglas County Library , with information sharing and success stories.

Karen suggested documenting DC Smart Energy’ s story. Send stories to Melanie

There will be a registration fee, probably $20 for Thursday ,and $30 for Friday. Some stipends  available.