Meeting Minutes for July 11, 2016



News-Review Smart Energy Column

July – Marisa Fink’ s article on YMCA of Douglas County’ s switch over to LED lighting for their racquetball courts was published on July 3.

August – Joyce Akse’ s column  on her personal experience with solar savings has been submitted.

September – Al Walker plans to write about Global Warming Coalition’ s Green and Solar Tour and the DC Smart Energy’s RARE volunteer.

RARE Volunteer Update                 .

Though there has been no formal approval of our application, Randy Magnuson has been asked to set up interviews with 4-6 candidates during the week of July 18. Volunteers for the interview team are John Lapham, Joyce Akse and Stuart Liebowitz. Randy expressed concern about Stuart’s lack of email communication capability. Stuart assured him that he could promptly access and respond through the Global Warming Coalition email dcglobalwarmingcoalition@ Polly suggested Melanie MacKinnon also be on the interview team. The interview date will be July 21. Randy asked both the interviewers and the larger group to send him questions. Joyce suggested the interview team meet half an hour before the interview to prepare.

Randy gave an update on grant funding for the project: Ford Family Foundation grant (submitted), Meyer Trust (Gardner reported the grant was turned down, Crane and Whipple Foundations (not yet written). Randy said we need to keep working on this. Gardner, John and Joyce will meet again soon. Arthur volunteered to join them. Gardner said the DC Museum will be on board for $5,000 when the RARE is on board. Stuart said the DC Global Warming Coalition had already contributed $500. Stuart thanked Randy for UCAN’ s in-kind donation in support of the volunteer’ s housing and supervision.   Randy will email a copy of the RARE grant to all group members.

John Lapham suggested we contact Lee Rahr of Sustainable Northwest and Titus Tomlinson, RARE AmeriCorps Program Coordinator, for direction on working with a RARE volunteer.  He will contact them to set up a Skype session for the Steering Committee, which will communicate the information to the DC Smart Energy Group.

Stuart asked the group for input: · What questions would they want the steering committee to ask Lee and Titus? Arthur asked for feedback on putting together an inventory of Douglas County’s energy resources – where is the biggest payoff? Joyce recommended using the expertise of David Wade who was involved with Lake County’ s successful project from its beginning.

UBEA Meeting

Stuart, Arthur and Joyce reported on the positive response to the Smart Energy Campaign from Umpqua Basin Economic Alliance.  Stuart and Arthur were presenters, along with David Longthorne. Joyce is a UBEA member.

South Umpqua SD Curriculum Project

South Umpqua School District is developing an energy curriculum with STEM funding. Smart Energy member David Longthorne is involved with this project.

Ireland Trucking Solar Celebration

Ireland Trucking will show off their 35KW solar installation at their truck maintenance shop in Myrtle Creek, designed and installed by Newcastle Solar.  The project received funding from Energy Trust, Oregon Department of Energy, and  USDA’ s Rural Energy for America  · Program.  County officials and funders will attend.

DCGWC 15th Annual Green and Solar Tour

Stuart said planning is underway for the Tour with the inclusion of DC Smart Energy.   Group members on the planning team are Stuart, Polly, Melanie, David Longthorne, Al Walker, and Jim Stelson. The Tour will move from October 1 to October 8 to avoid a conflict with the one-year anniversary remembrances of the UCC shootings.

Smart Energy Column, Part 2

Joyce asked the group for feedback on her solar “success story,” which will be published on August 7.   Response was positive.


Dennis Lutwen said he’d like to learn more about the Lake County Resource Initiative. He was directed to its website: LCRI .org.                                                                ·

Responding to Joyce’s comment about the campaign, that “We’re building the plane while we’re flying it,” Stuart said we need to be flexible in our approach and keep communication channels open.